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Camping in a minimalist style

Camping in a minimalist style
Camping in a minimalist styleCamping in a minimalist style
Camping in a minimalist styleCamping in a minimalist style
Camping in a minimalist styleCamping in a minimalist style

According to definition of minimalist camper is not the one who is camping only in a thong than one camper who does not bring with nothing but a tent, a knife and a couple of small tools for easy stay in the countryside.

But why would someone camped only with a tent and a knife? Well, because it does not want to spoil too much equipment experience, and you are not afraid of a few mosquitoes or bear. Why would anyone even went camping with equipment which hardly bears and for that he needed a few hours to just unpacked and set up? A saving not to speak. Well, exactly that.

Minimalist camping stresses that every camper must have only one bag. Yes, just one bag and one at the back which is already in a sleeping bag. When sleeping bag means that campers younger than 10 years are sleeping two in a sack, a recommendation applies to older ones. Yet it is warmer in two.

Carefully work out a list of what you really need: a tent, a sleeping bag, clothing, cooking utensils, light, toilet paper, mosquito repellent, basic medicines and first aid. Also keep in mind that under the cookware account a sharp knife, accessories and aluminum foil. However, vessels for brewing coffee may be taken into account.

From personal necessities certainly take toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, small shampoo and deodorant. Now. Food. Many would disagree with that, but when you're camping you do not need anything more than coffee.

For everything else you can find in nature. Yes, nature is full of edible goodness just waiting to be picked. However if you are unsure of what is edible and what is not, we strongly encourage you to bring a few cans and a couple of dried sausage. Do not overdo it with flour and eggs and expect to bake pancakes in society bear. Dry food is reduced to minimalism.

Juices, milk and beer take only if you can without them, and believe that you can do without these things. Clean water and a few effervescent tablet are all you need for a real stay in the countryside.

For entertainment only take cards because they are the only thing you'll need when you are in nature. One thing that you could check out is a generator. Not necessary , but it can come in handy, you can check some really cheap generators here. Maybe you thought it would be good to take with you or kayak polo set, but trust us, you will not use either one. Be sure to take your bathing suit. Or if you just go "all natural," then do not take swimming. Different mp3 players will not be necessary. Relax with the birds, owls and the occasional howl of the wolf.

Relax and accept new ones. Learn new ways to do something without all sorts of supplies that you have at home. Improvise and explore. If our ancestors could why you could not and you to get in one with nature, and accept all the benefits that it provides. And do not forget, as soon as you return home quickly share your images with the rest of the world through one of the social networks.

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monika 06/30/2016 14:34

Minimalist style camping for tourism and just describe any function in the websites.